How to Understand Credit Cards

February 17, 2017

So I know this channel is supposed to be about beauty and fashion, but I’ve always wanted it to grow into a lifestyle channel where you can learn things you don’t learn in other places. This is one of the things I have been mulling over these past few months while taking a small step back to rearrange portions of my blog and life in general. Over the last few years, I have learned a great deal that has not only helped me to grow as a blogger but as a smart, informed and wise young woman. I want to share that with you so that you too can make any necessary changes in your life and lifestyle to get what YOU want out of life. I think too many times bloggers leave out certain details of their lives that could actually help others, like how to acquire true wealth and how to live, not just within but well below your means.

Finance is the one thing that I don’t think is covered or understood enough when it comes to the younger generation and not taught in school the way it should be. This is a simple, sit down “lets talk about it and understand it” video on how to use a credit card to BUILD your credit and remain credit worthy to grow your score. A lot of us really don’t understand how credit cards TRULY work much less credit in America in general. So here it is. In plain terms, broken down so that YOU can start to benefit and not the credit card companies ;-). This may seem hard to grasp or understand at first, but even if you have to watch this video 10 times, watch it, pause it, take notes, and LEARN this philosophy. I grew my score from a 588 to a 745 with this knowledge, and now I’m more than happy and PROUD to share it with you.

Enjoy, learn, grow and share! xo

p.s. I filmed this video almost 2 years ago *_*

Fashion 2 Outfits

Camo Jacket

January 9, 2017

Camo Jacket Bershka

Camo Jacket

Camo Jacket

Camo Jacket

Camo Jacket

Camo Jacket

Camo Jacket: Bershka (similar here)

Black Hoodie: Nike

Jeans: Bershka

Boots: Zara FW15 similar here

Beanie: Tresor (Amsterdam)

You should know by now just how much I love Bershka right? So trying to wear this in the winter was not even an option for me , I had to! I love this little camo and the subtle but noticeable embellishments it has. I layered it with my fave go to winter piece right now, my Nike Rally Hoodie. Super warm and the right amount of layers to keep me that way. And do you remember these shoes? The Zara ones, that Beyonceeeeee wore to the basketball game that year? I still wear them, lol. They’re classic as far as I’m concerned. SO they’re def still in rotation for me.

Any whooooo, I’m going to start writing about my personal life in my blog. Because I’m pretty sure no one reads what I write like that, *looks left, then right* hahaaaaaa.

Lets start off with whats happening now. So I’m planning a bday trip. Well, its already planned, rooms and tickets are booked. But I’d initially invited one friend who…. doesn’t really play well with others. She’s super sweet to me. But for some reason when she gets around other females, she always has the stank face and always thinks someone’s after her when it’s never really that deep. I like to keep my life as drama free as possible but a lot of the girls I know really wanted to get away so I figured why not for my bday. HOWEVER, no one wants to deal with that, ONE, on their birthday, and TWO out of town. My roomate keeps laughing saying “girl I would’nt even worry about it, because idk about you but I plan on being so lit I wont even be able to see” lmboooooo. She’s hilarious. I mean I’ll be somewhat lit but not erry day. And I want to remember the vacay at the very least!. Either way, idk what to do about this one particular friend. What would you do?


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