Black and Blue

Posted on: Monday, September 1, 2014

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Zara Lace Up Sandals

Top: Zara (similar here or here)   Jeans: Zara (similar here)   Shoes: Zara   Bag: DSW

So I bet you never thought these shoes were this hot huh? Have you seen em in Zara a few times and just thought… “meh”. Yeah, until I tried em on one day I was like “I’m sorry what?!” Love love love these shoes. They have them in red and I said I would get them too but I’m trying not to O.D.

Ok, and then my hair situation. So this was probably 1 day from wash day and I kept asking myself what can I do with my hair? I wont be able to get it washed for another day or 2. I was trying to wait to go to this hair dresser in Atlanta that my sister Teri and cousin Renee gush about, when she does their hair it looks like strands of silk. But I really needed to shoot so I knew I had to figure something out for my hair other than a ponytail. And then I found Barefoot Blonde’s YouTube channel. She has the cutest braid tutorials and I thought yesssss!!!. She also wears clip ins so it was really cool to see her reposition them to suit the braid style she wore in some of her videos. I’ll def try some and share them.

Coral Dress

Posted on: Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coral Dress 2

Coral Dress 4

Coral Dress 5

Coral Dress 8

Coral Dress

Coral Dress 6

Dress: Zara (sale,similar here)  Sandals: Zara (old, similar here)  Watch: Marc Jacobs   Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I finally caved and bought Apple TV. Where the hek have I been? Ah man, I turned off my cable finally after getting sick of paying $150/mo., when I only watch 2 or 3 channels. Its ridiculous. But the Airplay situation with Apple TV has literally increased my quality of life. Increased by being able to watch what ever I want, when ever I want from any apple device and streaming it to the big screen, Yaaasssss! lol.

But this dress situation though, I bought it early in the Zara Sale and just wore it in this shoot for the first time. It sits juuuuuuust right.

Agave Healing Vapor Iron

Posted on: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here are my thoughts on the Agave Healing Vapor Iron. I was skeptical at first and tried it a second time and just like I thought…. Watch the vid!!!! But if you dont believe me, see the reviews of it here, but I’m just saying.

The Highest Heel

Posted on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Black Dress 9

Black Dress 6

Black Dress 5

Black Dress 4

Black Dress 3

Black Dress 7

Black Dress 2

Dress: Zara (similar here)   Denim Jacket: H&M (old, but similar here)   Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (…)

These heels though…. *eyes roll into the back of head, like Homer Simpson eating a doughnut*


Guilty Pleasure

Posted on: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Denim and Heels 8

Denim and Heels 5

Denim and Heels

Denim and Heels 4

Denim and Heels 6

Denim and Heels 2

Top and Skirt: Zara (sale, see haul here)   Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti

So these heels are my guilty pleasure for the summer. I condemned myself for buying them for weeks. And then I said, to hell with it! Every girl deserves a great pair of shoes, no matter what they cost ;-) *in my inner Carrie voice*


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