My Hair Routine

Posted on: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Asos Bodysuit Haul

Posted on: Sunday, April 17, 2016

Body Con Dress Haul

Posted on: Sunday, April 17, 2016

I live for a great fit in a basic dress. One you can just throw on, dress up or down. And best of all, one for a GREAT price. Check these dressed out, for the loooooow-low! 😉

Sneaker Haul

Posted on: Friday, March 25, 2016

Shop Runner and Drugstore dot com

Posted on: Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Iman Cosmetics

I’ve been wearing Iman Cosmetics for as long as I have been wearing makeup on a daily basis, more than 7 years. When I partnered with them to become a VIP Vlogger, that didn’t just mean free products. That meant a commitment to the IMAN brand. So no matter what my needs are as a blogger, I am committed to continue my genuine and honest use and review of the products manifested from the Iman brand. While as a blogger, I test, wear, and review new/existing products, I am still committed to my makeup routine of using and attaining my products in bulk. So when it comes to my basic needs, my foundation, I proudly go out and buy these products on my own. Because my belief in the brand and their competence in delivering a phenomenal product is very high.

I normally go out and buy my Iman products at any Target, Walmart or drugstore available. However, I have found that in the most recent years, it has become increasingly hard to find IMAN Cosmetics in stores. Stores only carry IMAN products based on the demographics. The demographic area that I live in, unfortunately doesn’t reflect my ethnicity, which is fine but what ever happened to variety? It’s ok, I wont go there. I’ll keep this on track and show you how to get around this and get EXACTLY what you need. Let me introduce you to your new best friend, Shop Runner.

ShopRunner is probably the BEST thing that has ever happened to my online shopping life EVER. Shop Runner is a partnership of retailers and brands that have joined together to literally ‘run’ you the items you need ASAP. They offer free 2-day shipping, and they mean TRUE 2 day shipping. I ordered something on Monday at 5:51pm and received it on Wednesday at 1:36pm. No joke.

Now lets talk about whether its free or not. offered a free one year membership for purchases over a certain amount. When I bought my SW Over-the-knee Boots, a 1-yr shop runner membership came free and that’s how I was introduced to it. So if you buy items on sites like Saks, you may see the offer come available for free with purchases over a certain amount. Outside of that, it sort of works like Amazon Prime. It’s $79/yr for free 2-day shipping on a plethora of sites and thousands of brands. Including Neiman Marcus, Last call, Babies R Us, GNC, Pets Mart, Bergdorf, Auto Zone, I mean there’s literally a brand for every kind of person/shopper that they offer this free 2 day shipping for. And this is what makes me love it SO. Here’s a complete list of ALL the retailers the service is offered with. Now go forth and enjoy!

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