Lets Go

Posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ive been infatuated with shirt dreses and then I saw this one from UO and was like: “Yes Please” *with zombie eyes*

Zara Summer Sale Haul!!!

Posted on: Thursday, July 17, 2014

Look what a got! lol. I snagged these few things (after I told myself I wants going to spend any money). I feel like when you tell yourself that, that’s when you spend the most money *sigh*.

Any whooooo! I found some cute pieces and some to die for ones that I had been looking for when the spring collection first came out. So yay for that.

Oh yeah and my hair? :-) Love love loooooove!!!. It’s from my friend’s mom’s company, she’s just starting it up so I will share the details as soon she has the site up and running luvs! xx

Quick and Cool

Posted on: Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Denim & Leather

Denim & Leather 2

Denim & Leather 3

Denim Jacket: H&M (similar here)   Skirt: H&M (Similar here)   Top: American Apparel  Boots: Aldo (old but similar here)

Why do guys do such “intentional” things? So I decided to start doing some working away from home. Like going to a cafe or somewhere with wifi and some nice workspace to get some video and picture editing done. So I went to Panera, I just love their Asiago cheese bagels, lightly toasted and sliced with butter. I had 2 :-D.

So I’m sitting in the most tucked away corner table next to a plug and facing a window (occasional people watching is so necessary), when this guy pulls up in the parking lot. His car is parked directly facing the window (totally intentional). So he gets out of the car STARING, like sir I didnt know you were in the drive thru looking at a menu, can I take your order? sheesh. He stares his way around his car to get his things out of the back seat, stares while he’s closing the car doors and then continues to stare as he walks up to the entrance, by now I’m rolling my eyes so hard they hurt.

Then he comes in and AROUND the corner, even though there are hundreds of other seats all over the place, and guess where he sits? RIGHT BEHIND ME. *insert grumpy cat face*. I’m like whuuuuu? whyyyyyy? sir? whyyyyy do you have to sit THERE? So of course he’s all up in my editing space, because I can see him in the glare on the screen *rolling my eyes again*. So I conjure up a silent weapon… I loaded up a pic of me and my honey on vacation in Jamaica last week and plastered it on my desktop and closed ALL the windows so it could be seen nice and clear :-D Good Day sir.


Vacay with me!

Posted on: Friday, July 11, 2014

Candy Stripes

Posted on: Thursday, July 3, 2014

Style Nina Swim


Style Nina Swim 2

Style Nina Vacay

Swim Top      Bikini Bottom

Sorry but not sorry, I’ve been vacationing! If you’re wondering why there are no post for a few days.

So this candy striped bathing suit was purely concocted, lol. The top I got at Forever 21. It never had a bottom to match. I looked in multiple Forever 21 stores from San Fransisco to New York, no one had the bottom that went with it. So then the hunt began. I looked online at F21′s site, I looked at other sites, mainly to find a solid colored bottom that would match. SO I thought, ooh navy blue would be nice with red and white stripes, then I said maybe white, then I said, NO…. RED, red is def the color to go with this top. I trolled many stores from target, to walmart, to H&M and of course back to Forever 21. And THEN!!!! BAM! just like that, I found a solid red bikini bottom at Old Navy!!!!! While shopping for some flip flops to pack for the vacay, I turned the corner and was like whooooaaaaa, yesssssss!!!! Perf. AND it was my size. Perf, perf, perf, peeeeeerf!

So after searching for it for you all, I noticed its not online, there are similar ones on the site, but not the ones I scooped. Sorry. It is however def in stores, I bought it at the Forverer 21 in San Fransisco, in the city.


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