Christmas Shopping Yet or Nah?

December 19, 2014

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No but these Isabel Marants though? are legit 40% off!!!!!! *squeals* I am in no position to be buying anything else but I might have to scoop these!!! And then all these cute accessories from Baublebar? Yass tho yasss. I’ve always loved ear-cuffs so these are right up my alley. The drop necklace? Yes please. These are always so expensive so this is a great lesser expensive option. And then how can I forget ripped jeans? I’m all about them! So easy to pair with a chunky sweater and some ankle boots, #done.ย  Then, this self cleaning garden fish tank? you mean I don’t have to clean it AND I can have a cute pretty colored fish? Yessssss!!! lolol. Lastly, all of these electronics, dig in!!!!


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