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Zara Summer Sale Haul!!!

July 17, 2014

Look what a got! lol. I snagged these few things (after I told myself I wasn’t going to spend any money). I feel like when you tell yourself that, that’s when you spend the most money *sigh*.

Any whooooo! I found some cute pieces and some to die for ones that I had been looking for when the spring collection first came out. So yay for that.

Oh yeah and my hair? 🙂 Love love loooooove!!!. It’s from my friend’s mom’s company, she’s just starting it up so I will share the details as soon she has the site up and running luvs! xx


New Haul Video!

June 19, 2014

Latest short, sweet and quick haul video on a few things I’ve collected over the last few weeks.

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New Haul Video!

April 25, 2014

Haul Tnail

Quick haul from Zara, H&M and Old Navy. The cutest, transition worthy items from Old Navy: Sweaters. I’m happier buying sweaters at old navy in hopes that they wont bead up after one wash. And these have past that test, I’ve worn and washed at least 2 of them already and we’re gucci. Lol. See the video on my YouTube channel here. xx


Hauls Youtube Videos

New Zara Sale Haul

February 19, 2014

New Sale Haul from Zara. I found some really amaaaazing pieces that ive already worn at least twice, each. I waited until the end of the sale to get the best prices so jump in and see what I got!

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Nastygal Jewelry Sale Haul

November 12, 2013

So you know how much fun I had with this haul right? This was the one day jewelry sale on from their $1 jewelry sale. Here’s what all the hype was about!

Here they are, and a few other top picks:



That Dolla Make Me Holla!!!

October 21, 2013



I just bought ALL of this stuff for $50 plus shipping. Here. Some pieces I even got 2 of each (in case it breaks or turns too quick). Looooove love love all this stuff!!!! aaaggghhh!!! $1 today only!!!! GO NOW because as I was shopping at least 2 things sold out and were removed from my cart :-((( Shop now, here.


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