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August 28, 2017

So here’s just a vlog of my last trip to Amsterdam. There is a ton of stuff to do in any given city, but this vlog is on what I did while I was there. You can always go to the museums and other sites when you go. But this was where I went and what I did, lol.

The convo in the end, was when a dutch man asked us what it was like to be black in America. I didn’t get the entire convo, I only thought to record at the end of it because I was indulged and was happily living in the moment. Our friend was explaining what the dutch man should do or say when others speak ill of our people.


Weekend in San Diego

July 26, 2014

San Diego 5

San Diego 3

Jeans: Zara (similar here)   Top: H&M (old, similar here)  Sandals: Romwe

Last weekend I was in San Diego and was really in relax mode. So I just wanted to share 2 photos from my visit. I love San Diego and always say ooh I wanna get a condo over looking the city or the water, either way this whole place is beautiful to me.

So about these sandals *rubs hands like birdman*. They were sent to me by Romwe, and I remember when I saw them on the site I was like oh yesssss!!!. The truth is they are a version of the Isabel Marant pair from her Spring Collection. Which have been sold out since about late April/Early May. They were only about $500, which compared to a pair of Guiseppe’s or a lot of other high end designers is not a terrible price point. So tell me, comment below on what you would do if you love a specific style or design and they’re sold out from the original designer or twice mark up on ebay, would you buy or opt for another version of the shoe? I will say for Romwe they did a good job with the materials and the weight of the shoe. Kinda refreshing to see it in such quality. All credit though, should be given and is due to Isabel Marant for creating such a design.

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Vacation Time!!!

June 22, 2014


1. Shirt

2. Sunglasses

3. Shorts

4. Bikini Top

5. Sandals

6. Bikini Bottom

7. Bag

I’m excited about this vacay but I’m starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done that I need to before I go. So we have a good 4 days before the flight but there’s so much to do that I’m trying to squeeze it all in before I go. One, and the MOST important, getting a wax appt. I’ve been nair-ing for so long that I haven’t had a steady wax place in ages, so I have no idea who or where to go. I made a few calls to the European Wax Center near my apt and then to some friends back in Atlanta to see where they go since my bf lives there. The Euro Wax Center had some pretty mixed, and scary reviews on yelp. Yelp is the bible for reviews on places, I LIVE by it!. The one lady a yelper recommended that is awesome has NO appts available for the days or times I can go. So then I spoke with my sisssy’s bff Ashley, and she recommended Sweet Peach Waxing Studio in Atlanta and then I remembered I saw an article about them in a magazine so Sweet Peach it is! I’ll let you guys know how it goes! 😉

Then there’s the million and one other things, cleaning up after I’ve torn the room a part packing, then I have 2 videos to shoot for Agave/ULTA and for a hair company that sent me some clip ins (how do you ladies feel about clip ins anyway?). Then I have to get my hair done. THEN there are posts to schedule while I’m away, cuz I wont be attached to my computer! all relaxation baby!. I could go on and on and on, you get it right?

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Abu Dhabi Circle Cafe

May 27, 2014

Circle Cafe 8

Circle Cafe 7

Circle Cafe 6

Circle Cafe 5

Circle Cafe 4

Circle Cafe 3

Circle Cafe 2

Circle Cafe

Currently vacationing in Abu Dhabi visiting family and this little cafe took my breath away. Simple easy living. That’s the slogan for this quaint, delectable cafe. This was the first place we went to eat during my stay in Abu Dhabi. My Aunt said it was their favorite place to go as a family, with coworkers or if time permits, by herself to unwind. This New York style meets European cafe has the cleanest, most simple, relaxing layout and environment I’ve ever seen. With a wall of books that are borrowed, and replaced by its own customers. You can come here and dine, munch, lunch, or brunch in a true cafe like environment. It’s the kind of place you could go to unwind with a cup of coffee and a good book or double it as a workspace and bring your laptop to get some work done. Either way, you just feel so at ease here.

With everything above to offer, words couldn’t even begin to describe how good the food is here. So I’ll let the pictures tell you. First, the juices. With a wide selection of all natural FRESH juices to offer, we had the green apple juice and an OJ. The OJ was so orange I just assumed it was artificial. Then, when my mouth hit the straw… and I took that first sip…. *dead*. I felt like I stuck a straw into a pulp-less orange (some sort of fantasy of course). I was in heaven. You see dat cake doe?

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The Perfect Carry On Bag

April 21, 2014

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek 2

Eagle Creek 3

Eagle Creek 4

22′ Upright Carry on Bag: Tarmac 22 by Eagle Creek  Moto Jacket H&M (old) similar here.  Waxed Jeans: H&M (old) similar here.  Shoes: Nike  (similar here)

I’ve lived in New York for almost 6 years and I’ve been through about 6 carry on bags. I know, it sounds crazy. But none of the bags I’ve ever owned have lasted for more than a year. I’ve tried almost every 22′ upright carry on bag from  Travel Pro to Samsonite to Tumi, and to Luggage Works. None of which have life time warranties or a “no matter what warranty”.  Then, one day I found the Tarmac 22 by Eagle Creek. A luggage company with a lifetime warranty and the ONLY brand with a no matter what, no fuss LIFETIME warranty. Meaning, no matter what happens with the bag, no matter what you do to the bag, or how many times you check it at the airport and worry it will come back damaged, Eagle Creek literally has you covered. That ALONE sold me on falling madly in love with this bag. But what made me take this bag down the isle and practically marry it?!, is how LIGHT this bag is.  It’s 7lbs 4oz with nothing in it!!!!! Yes, you heard me right. 7lbs with nothing in it. Once I pack my clothes and toiletries in with the Eagle Creek Pack-It system, my bag is still super light and manageable. So when I’m boarding the plane and I lift my bag over my head, I lift it with SUCH confidence almost smiling inside like: “This thing is sooooo light!”. All while everyone looks up at me like I’m superwoman. *Teehee*

Living on a 4th floor walk up (that’s NO elevators), I used to dread traveling and having to tote my back up and down those stairs. But now?, I’m like bring it on stairs!!!. Its so light it’s scary, it almost promotes me to pack MORE (such insanity). But with all of my roughness, toting this bag up and down the sidewalks of New York in rain, sleet or snow, this bag has proven more than its worth for me already. And not to mention, its water proof. So when its raining and I check my bag and the baggage handler drops it in water or leaves it standing plane side (because it’s happened), No worries, my belongings are safe and dry inside!. No matter what, you can google it, read their reviews on, this bag takes the cake as literally the best piece of luggage I have ever owned.

Last but not least, I mean I could go on for 100 yrs about this bag, but the design of the bag allows it to fit in almost any standard size aircraft overhead bin. The features of the bag, the pockets, the lightness, the coat holder(on top), makes this bag the best bag for any traveler’s life. Stay tuned for my video demonstrating in more detail the great features of this bag! *currently editing!*

Photos by: E. Mackey of Dernier Vie Mag.


Greetings from Belgium!

March 3, 2014




In case you’re not on Instagram, I’m in Brussels! This has to be one of the most beautiful cities I had yet to uncover. It literally reminds me of Italy, Paris, and Amsterdam rolled into one. It feels like the best of Europe, all in one city. I love this city. The people are warm, friendly, happy, and seemingly grateful to be living in a place like this. I love the energy of this city. And how dare I forget to mention the chocolate shops?! There’s one on every single corner! It’s so romantic and calming. I can most definitely say I will be back to Belgium, and sooner than later I hope!


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