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Sweater Weather and Conversations

September 16, 2014

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Sweater weather at Forever 21 has me wanting to scoop up a few fall essentials and these colors will make it an effortless wardrobe update. And Im loving these bangs on this model. I’m thinking about trying it. Bangs for fall? or nah? What do you think? I need to get my “Fall” life together anyway. Its about to get cold and Idk if I’m ready for it. My lease ends in a few months and I have no idea what I want to do and its making me feel a little unprepared and a little uneasy. I mean I could always go with the flow but I feel like this is too major to “just go with the flow” right? Idk, some way it always seems to work itself out though, so I guess I just need to relax. Breathe. Sometimes all you need is a small conversation with yourself, just to bring you back down to life. I like having small convos with myself, lol. Does anyone else do that?

I think I’m really talking to God because I know he’s within me. Conversations with God. Ahhhh, peace. That’s the best book I’ve ever read, it’s by Neale Donald Walsch, “Conversations with God”. You should check it out. It was recommended to me when I was about 22, fresh out of college, young, lost and confused. If that’s how you feel or where you are in life I def recommend reading that book. It literally guided my path and brought me to where I am today. I met Eric Benét once and I dont know how we got to start talking about life but I guess because he thought I was young, had so much personality and had all my life ahead of me we got on the topic. He asked me what I wanted to become and I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know. He told me to read 3 books. The first, was “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. If not check it out. After that he said to read “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Like the young eager beaver I was I pulled out my phone and carefully wrote down these books and I went out and bought and read them. It never came at a better time. He recommended a 3rd book but by the time I got to the 2nd book I’d gotten a new phone and didn’t have the last book written down anywhere else :-(. If I ever see Eric Benét (crazy odds) I wonder if he’ll remember the conversation and tell me that last book.
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Fashion 2 Travel


November 9, 2012

Trench: W118 by Walter Baker   Fringe Pants: H&M   Shoes: Ebay


So I’ve had these pics for about 2 weeks or so and keep forgetting to get to them, then the whole storm thing happened in NY *sigh*. Buuuutttt!, on the brighter side if you follow me on instagram (@stylenina) you probably saw some of these pics in a pic stitch. But yeah lets just jump right to the meat of it why dont we?! So yeah all my homies on and a few people on the streets have been going crzaaaaayyy about this coat. So its W118 by Walter Baker. Its sold at both Saks and Neiman Marcus (and a few other internet stores). I got mine from Neiman Marcus (full price, aaarrgghhh) and its now on sale for way less. But I dont like to wait for things and I didnt think it would be around by the winter (bought it in August).

In any event, as for the rest of the fit, those are the fringed pants from my last H&M Haul Video, click here to see it and all the other “fly-ness” I got ;-). My wedge sneakers I got on ebay. But im seeing them everywhere now from ASH NY, Steve Madden to Target. Just depends on what price point you want em for. Either way, they’re super cute n comfy, love em, but may retire em soon :-O


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