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November 27, 2015

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For some reason, I wasn’t ALL in for black Friday like in previous years. I know this is insane to say, as a blogger, but just the madness of it all is a turn off. I will however online shop my butt off. Sitting in the comfort of my own home with a cup of tea and just click, click, clicking away. That’s the only way for me. All of our favorite stores are having sales like nobody’s business and now is the time to get those big ticket items we’ve been coveting. For me, its another pair of Staurt Weitzman’s, preferably in Bordeaux or the lowlands. I also wanted to upgrade my equipment. Funny, my friend was like “why?, you don’t even shoot like that now” *shock face*, but true though. I can take it because I know its honest, and its the complete truth. I think for me, most of the problem has been building a team. Great bloggers have a team, a photog, editor, something or SOMEONE behind them. One just simply cannot do it alone. And I’m the perfect example of that. You just can’t. So that’s what I’m working on now. Finding some consistent help. That’s really where, I’ve been. Looking for help. *insert Adele’s face in the video for ‘Hello’*

Anyway, I got off topic just a little there, lol. I’ve been eyeballing that Givenchy Antigona bag for THE longest and its definitely on my wishlist. The wireless speaker by Logitech because one of my friends has one that she bought on Craigslist a few years ago and to this day we BUMP that thing haaaaaaard! She said she got it for $100 even though it retails for $200. But guess who has it on sale for half off right now? Best buy! Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are EVERYTHING. I got my iMac last year from them for $899 and have been IN LOVE with it ever since. I have yet to find it cheaper anywhere else, as I’d been looking for relatives who wanted to snag one for their homes. To this day, best buy has had the lowest price and ONLY for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

A black faux fur coat is the last fall/winter item I needed to complete my winter wardrobe. This one is only $100 and 30% off right now when you use the code: CYBER30 on their site. I saw it on asos and its already sold out, so this is the LAST place to actually get my hands on one. Side note, look at the coat on ASOS and then look at it here, its a WONDER what good lighting can do! Not to fear though, I’ve done the research for us both and it’s the EXACT same coat! What are you trying to scoop up? Let me be nosey ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lol. xx
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